Friday, 17 September 2010

Resident Evil 5 with Move - FAIL

So, after being largely indifferent to Move, I just got back my lend out of Resident Evil 5, and thought I'd look at buying Move to play through the DLC I picked up too and haven't had a chance to rock....

I need to buy the Gold Edition, the Move update is not available for older editions. This is SHOCKING as the total purchase I've racked up, plus the minimum Move purchase required would add up to the following, best prices more or less on the new stuff:

Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition: £49.99
DLC - Lost in Nightmares & Desperate Escape £10,49
Move Starter Pack: £40
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition: £15

Total: £115.48

Gutted! No way I'm buying this twice!

OK, admission: first time round it was a present, so I didn't actually buy it - but I've completed it once and I'm not going in another £55 for round 2.

Many RE5 owners will be in exactly this position - it's not right.



  1. I see your point, but even if the update had been free you'd still have spent £100.48... So i guess the question then becomes is the experience worth shelling out an extra fifteen quid for?

    Don't get me wrong - totally get your point. The whole thing sticks out even more when you look at the other titles picking up patches, none of which that I'm aware of will cost extra. I did hear mutterings somewhere on the interwebz that they had to streamline the whole thing up a bit to free up some memory for the move side of things... but it's an easier and safer assumption that Capcom didn't bat an eyelid at the thought of squeezing some more coin out of the Resi fan base.

  2. @El Stefio - I suppose we could give Capcom the benefit of the doubt that it IS a technical rather than economic consideration, maybe they'll even sort this out in time...

    Yeah my point is really that they did NOT secure a Move purchase from me.. everyone knows hardware makes or breaks on killer apps, and this hardware is all killer and no app... yet.

  3. FYI:
    "Capcom Explains Why Only Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Works With PlayStation Move"

    [ ]

    I, too, have spent a similar amount (although my PlayStation Move hardware purchase will be later; when "The Fight[: Lights Out]" is released).

    Hopefully the controls will now mirror those of "Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition)".

    My PS2/Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller is gathering dust too. I hope my eventual purchase of PlayStation Move doesn't end up the same.



  4. Until something special comes out i'm not bothering with Move, A cousin i met at the wedding got one, only to get home to find he can't find his Eye camera!

  5. I got the Move, as well as Resi 5 Gold Edition. Having said that, I never bought the original RE5. A friend lent it to me, but I never took the time to really get into it. For only £15, I thought I might as well give it a second chance. Having said that, I will probably spend more time playing RUSE, and completely forget about RE5 again!

  6. I've purchased the Move kit, been playing some of the new releases & patched games with my daughter this weekend. Start the Party & Eyepet have been really popular.


    I bought (pre-ordered) RE5 (Steelbook CE) + all available DLC and was really pissed off about the Move/Gold Edition announcement, however I have just bought the Gold Edition to experience the Move controls as I do love the game and RE4 sounded cool on the Wii.


    I have been using a Move controller + DS3 as the NaviCon hasn't arrived yet, but I'm really not impressed. The controls are totally unintuitive, mapping fire to the Move button, not the trigger being a particularly tragic decision...

    Just dl'ing the MAG Beta/Move updates now. I'm not confident it's gonna be great but I'll let you know if it's worth bothering with later.

  7. @Divine thanks for the verdict, good to know. Please do report back on extended opinion and MAG as well, much appreciated.

  8. The navigation controller arrived this morning...

    Resident Evil 5
    The navicon feels much more comfortable than the DS3, unfortunately the crappy button mapping issues remain. As previously mentioned fire is mapped to the Move (thumb) button and the trigger is merely used to draw the weapon. The Move controller only allows you to move the reticule to the edges of the screen, you cannot use it to rotate the avatar in any way, turning is still handled by the navicon/DS3 analog stick (whilst pressing the motion controller trigger). Very, very messy.
    Knife slashes using the Move controller are certainly a nice touch though.
    I am however going to persevere with the campaign, no doubt practice will improve the experience.

    I had a short session with the MAG Beta using the navicon & Move controller this afternoon (active beta servers: 1500-0300 GMT). Admittedly I did only play the training session as I assumed I would get slaughtered in MP, I was probably right...
    It (Move integration) seems to have been much better implemented than RE5 (or maybe FPS's just lend themselves to motion controls better than third person perspective). Primary/Secondary fire is mapped to the trigger and the Move controller controls all look/upper body movement as desirable. Holding the Move controller at arms length firing sidearms is actually quite satisfying.
    The reticule has a tendency to feel hyper-sensitive and I lost control quite frequently, but I suppose this will change with practice. Exactly how successful someone would fair against players using DS3/SIXAXIS is something I have serious doubts about, maybe there needs to be motion-control-only servers...

  9. think i'll wait til the move controller comes down in price a bit. I'll get it when it's bundled with a couple of decent games.

  10. Yep the DS3 is such a good controller - aint broke dont fix,

    Move is technically very cool but we are maybe six month's away from a verdict of "here is a great game only possible due to Move", or not.