Thursday, 23 September 2010

U3S verdict on Little Big Planet 2 Beta

I'll keep this brief as you can read plenty on LBP2 Beta all over the Interweb, but as you know here is the place for warts and all verdicts...

Story Mode: they gave us a couple of proper levels and a challenge, some new play mechanics which were great fun, the level design was top class and left me wanting MUCH MUCH more.

Front End: there were some blocked off areas and silly bugs in the navigation, a new skinny font on loading pages and such which didn't look right at first -but who cares and once finished will no doubt look stunning.

Backward Compatibility: I didn't expect this: your whole LBP 1 profile, sackpeople, stickers, objects, materials, pod, levels - EVERYTHING - is carried over. From the forums some people had minor compatibility issues, this was something the beta was there to test, but it was for most a completely painless and impressive achievement.

Level Design: I've not done much with LBP 1 level design (I made a car and a weird caveman thing which didn't work) but this was expanded in a mind boggling way. Just loads of new mechanics, which is clearly what fans of this stuff want. I had a quick look and will be going in again.

User Levels: now the Beta has been with people for a couple of weeks, some impressive levels have been posted, including an FPS or two and scrolling shooters. Given that levels won't be carried over to the live game in all probability, people have put a lot of time in and may well need to repeat efforts. Good on em!

Overall: Even at this early stage it's clear this is no lazy update - if you loved LBP1, you'll love LBP2 and feel just as impressed all over again.


  1. read FPS as FPS without 3D - gun on screen, kill stuff on the platforms

  2. sounds interesting. the couple of vids floating around certainly show plenty of scope for creating different game types.

    I'm currently making a speedball/blitzball-esque map in halo reach. zero-gravity jetpack cagematch ftw!

  3. LBP 2 now delayed until January *sulks*

  4. "your whole LBP 1 profile, sackpeople, stickers, objects, materials, pod, levels - EVERYTHING - is carried over."

    mine won't be, i lost EVERYTHING when my old Launch model died a horrible death. i had soo much stuff and some nice work in progress specials going on too.

  5. I remember you had a soft spot for LBP at one stage tone..

    remember people - backup!

  6. but but back-ups are teh pants when you try to re-install it on a new console, lucky for me last night i found an old save etc for it, downloaded my DLC and was up and running again.

    i'd forgotten just how happy LBP makes me feel. :D

    didn't get everything back but enough to be getting on with, think i'll create a new level to celebrate.

  7. ps: picked up a copy of Darksiders today.. oh and Dynasty Warriors Gundam for £7 *chuckles*

    also has Kick Arse on Blu-Ray to watch later and a fresh bottle of sour mash kentucky bourbon. i know what i'll be up to this weekend. ;)

  8. nice one mobytone glad your LBP swerve is back on. Have to have a few levels wiv u.

  9. kickass is phenomenal

  10. I watched "Kiss-Ass" on Sky TV last week... better than I thought it was going to be, but a long way from being something I'd want to watch again in a hurry.

    Hope you kept the receipt for the Blu-ray Disc, 'tone.



  11. Kick Ass is great, really enjoyed it, Hit Girl totally stole the film though, where can i adopt one? -haha-

    also watched Tokyo Gore Police... seriously messed up film that one is!! not to be watched with small children in the room or the missus.

    played some of Darksiders, impressed so far, OK so it's a hack'n'slash but it's balls tough even on normal setting.