Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Can't Afford An iPad: JoliCloud!

got this running on my akoya e1312 and it works a treat, will be exploring all the nifty apps later.

20 seconds from log-in screen to connected to intarwebz. JC 1.1 = Win


  1. looks good, I've a HP Pavilion tx2000 (early touchscreen laptop) which needs new life, this could be just the ticket..

  2. i can see that working nice if you can utilise the touch screen function with it.

    about the only thing i've got left to do is set up my rss feeder app and download GiMP or a similar photo editor. free apps are nice. plus i've got open office on it too now.

    amazon are selling Vye Jolibook 10.1 inch netbook for 280 beer tokens, at least my netbook has a proper CPU and GPU (Sempron and ATI) it's the same spec' as my old tower system. battery life is about 5hrs.