Monday, 31 January 2011

AAA Hollywood talent, used properly

Nice little snippet of Killzone 3 here, showing Ray Winstone and Malcolm McDowell covered in face mapping dots.

A few weeks ago I was feeling a little meh towards Killzone 3, I think that was just the Black Ops FPS overdosing getting to me. The beta was great and the noises on progress since then are good - I think I'm going to pick this up on Day 1...


  1. So then, how do I get a new PS3 into the house without the missus noticing?

  2. You need two, or did it die?

    Either way, you could get it and pretend you had it in the cupboard for ages - tell her she knew that and never listens to you, that's what my missus says to me all the time..

  3. got dumped.. going to go hide in a bottle for a very long time...

    please don't let the site not update. adios.

  4. all over the being dumped thing, women are genetically programmed to make our lives miserable, fuck 'em all! :D

    from now on it's cats, beer, bikes and gaming.

  5. sorry to hear this tone, we got your back.

  6. it's ok, mr jimmy-san, i was kind of expecting it, y'know, this must be some weird joke, i can't possibly actually be this happy in a relationship with a women i love, who was actually hot... she looked like the new laura croft *sniff sobs*

    then i get the whole 'things are complicated now, maybe once i sort some stuff out..' speech, i'd rather just cut the chain now than hang on to some imagined hope that she will ever come back.

    that's 2 rachaels that have broken my heart since i moved to this city. must be something in the water, or the fact all rachaels are eeeevil.

  7. @ pablo - i'm definatly sure you had a spare ps3 in the garage!