Friday, 21 January 2011

*Remembers To Pack A Towel*

It's the start of the new year gaming release season, and today i was torn between Mass Effect 2 and Little Big Planet 2.. Tough one, but ME2 came out on top with a note to get LBP2 later on, but i fear there is just soo much hitting the shelves that's worth getting i will have to put many many games on that list.

Piiiiiiiiiiiiigsssss iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaaaaaace....


  1. for same reason, neither for me just yet, probably circum to LBP2 sooner though.

  2. Yeah, gaming mayhem ATM. Yesterday my LBP2 CE arrived & I also picked up Enslaved (£19) & Bioshock 2 (£8) from GAME. Dead Space 2 CE w/ DS Extraction next week.

  3. stupid shop messed up my pre-order, they're picking up a copy of ME2 from another store tonight so i can get it in the morning, it's not good enough i tell yah.

    hopefully i can blag some movie rental vouchers out of it *crosses fingers*

    at least i have 'Family Guy: It's A Trap' to watch tonight.

    ps: girl with wide mouth in shop, u r teh hotz!!1!

  4. got £23 worth of vouchers from shop. bonus! and it seems i got the last copy across their stores in Naaarch, lots of copies of LBP2 left though.

    Really enjoying ME2, after i got through the first tutorial missions and character customisation bit, i played the interactive comic. That was a great way to catch up on the back story. before all that there was a 25minute install and a 675meg download for the additional missions etc why not just put them on the disc in teh first place, damn EA and project 10 dollar!. note on the PSNStore theres another free download and some weapon etc packs for a couple of quid each.

    my first mission, self decided, was to go visit the crash site of the Normandy on a frozen planet outside my current system. it's hardly a spoiler as that ship got nuked in the demo a couple of weeks back. it was a weird feeling wandering around the wreckage, having flashbacks of my former crew, who i'd never met having not played ME, but i, as a good space captain would do the right thing and pay my respects.

    it was a good test run for the navigation system too, then i got scared and headed back to the start system in case i accidentally ended up in the delta quadrant and woul dhave to spend the next week trying to get back on impulse power.

    wandered around N2 and checked out the new harder,faster,bigger ship. really wish i hadn't gone to look at the new drive system, two words, Event Horizon, wonder how long it is before i tear my own eyes out and the ship is possessed by the damned...