Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It's 2010 In Review Awards Time

Here are the top and bottom 5 games of 2010 by your favorite ex-pat hat wearing cynical gaming bastard. I'm with him totally for the top 3 in each catagory, what are your best/worst games of the last 52 weeks?

admittedly i was still playing the hell out of Borderlands for most of 2010, which should technically be my favorite game of the year. but i've gone cold turkey on that now. NOTHING before or since has even touched the replay value that game had. i may have spent similar hours on other games, but.. but... oh god i miss Borderlands.. sob sob sob pout sob...



  1. i might give that copy of FIFA 10 i got for 99p in the sales a go tonight...

    that's MIGHT.

  2. i also got Sonic Riders (PS2), because you just know it'll be better than that Kinect version :P

    and downloaded Afterburner Climax off the Store last night.

  3. Shame we didn't get Limbo on PS3, no matter someone will build it in LBP2 soon ;)

    I did like Red Dead Redemption but it suffered from the same weird feeling on completion as GTA always does - you drop from loving it to bored never again in moments. Not gone undead yet...

    Just Cause 2, Dead Rising 2 and Borderlands I missed out on (been busy with work this year) - I plan to hit these up this year.

    For me Dead Nation is up there, refreshing and retro while ticking all the boxes a modern game should (for me). Only 70% through on 'Grim', so fun still to be had.

    Also have to say NFS Hot Persuit is ticking my box (phnarr) just now, I know it's mindless adrenalin pumping stuff - I like that.

    I resisted Black Ops for a while but have to say it's sublime - just not exactly original.

    Sorry to say GT5 doesn't make my top 5 as it's just not exciting me the way I hoped. I still love it, just not as much as other games.

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  5. 1. God Of War III
    2. Dante's Inferno
    3. Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare
    4. Dead Nation
    5. Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light

    Also really enjoyed Heavy Rain & ModNation Racers, but both also had enough problems to keep 'em out of the top 5.

    Almost bought Enslaved the other day, but I think I'll probably leave it for the summer drought (along with Bioshock 2). I played the demo a while back and wasn't really impressed, but from what I've heard about it since I'm definitely gonna grab it since it's price has dropped sharply.

    I'm struggling a bit with GT5 tbh. I keep loading up the game, but navigating those clunky menus searching for suitable cars and tyres, etc starts feeling like a chore really quick. With LBP2, Dead Space 2 and KZ3 coming shortly I can see GT5 unfortunately moving further down the pile.

    *Apologies for the edit, paragraphs are a foreign word to me :)

  6. Yeah Bioshock 1 I loved, heard mixed reviews of 2 - I'm keen to try that too.