Monday, 3 January 2011

But Is It Art?

And is hooning A CRIME? Had a fun set of head-to-head races last night against my fellow petrolhead Serial_K113R, shame there is no LAN option in this game, which is a bit odd, but there's much that doesn't make sense in GT5... Online wasn't as smooth as i'd liked last night even on standard setting, with my mates car frequently jinking around in front of me on the track, bizzare seeing as he's practically sitting in the same room as me. i've had smoother games from people on the other side of the planet.

Well, back to work tomorrow.. joy.. kind of got used to dossing around like the great unwashed masses, can kind of see why they do it. If daytime tv wasn't so bad i'd have more time off ;P

Looking forward to Mass Effect 2 in a few weeks, shame it clashes with Little Big Planet 2, that can wait. 2011 is looking a bit bleak for me on games i'm really hyped for. Way too many sequels and not enough innovation for my tastes. says teh guy who has GT5.

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