Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Playstation Official App - out now on iPhone and Android

Like the title says, hit up your App store and enjoy!

Just trying now on my HTC Desire:

Sign in is straightforward, friends are listed in a mad order, those online you have to dig for.

Have to touch a name to see what they are playing, only after fetching in this way does it show on the friends list - how daft - other 3rd party apps to a better job.

The build in game browser is good to quickly dial up games info for your pub discussions I guess. Yeah I have Google for that don't I?

There is nothing special about this, but it's slick. Lets hope they give it a bit of welly, adding messaging would render it almost useful.


  1. nice! thanks for the tip Jimmy. Will see if it works on my ipod touch. Incidentally I hear that the "PlayStation phone" we've been waiting for is just a new Sony Ericsson xperia "PLAY" - an Android phone with a Playstation one emulator on it. I.e. apparently no support for playing PSP titles at all. But we'll need to wait until the Mobile World Congress to find out for sure. That sounds about right though - I can't imagine Sony Ericsson managing to pull off a PSP and phone combined into one device.

  2. I've got the app on iPhone. It does look great, but very much style over substance. Seems a bit buggy too, some of the games I've achieved trophies for aren't available.