Thursday, 22 April 2010

1 Million Damage - (ding!)

Good news for all you Disgaea 3 fans out there (via Gaming Union):

NIS America have just confirmed that trophies will finally be coming to the European version of the game and after contacting them, they've now confirmed that the trophies will be retroactive.

This basically means that loading up old saves will instantly unlock the trophies, if the requirements have been met. There was a lot of confusion about this when the patch came to North America last year so it's good to hear some definitive confirmation for the European patch.

The patch will be available on the 13th of May across Europe.



  1. shame i traded my copy in last week as i got fed up waiting to see about the trophies and if they would support old saves.


  2. I've actually stopped trading games in since I bought a PS3. I need to accumulate enough to build myself a gaming throne out of the boxes.

    That and I hate GAME.

  3. i trade in games that offend me, seeing as americaland got teh trophy patch for Disgaea a whole year ago and NIS promised we'd have it before xmas it was on thin ground already, so when i was having a clear out to make room it went.

    today, for the princely sum of £34 i picked up:



    Devil May Cry Collectors Edition

    Need for Speed Pro Street

    HAZE Collectors Edition

    If it wasn't for people trading stuff in this would never have been possible, none of the above i would have ever got a full price anyway so it's not like the devs/publishers are loosing out anyway.

    also got Episodes From Libery City. finally! :D

    i'll have to have a count up soon to see how many PS3 boxed titles i do actually have, it's gotta be around the 50 mark i think.