Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Test Drive Unlimited 2 coming to PS3

After idling for nearly four years, Test Drive is ready to get back on the road. Atari has announced that it has enlisted Eden Games to make Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Like its predecessor, Unlimited 2 will feature "massively open online racing," which lets players cruise around a persistent online world running into other players, literally and figuratively. Where the first Unlimited took place on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will find players racing around Ibiza, with an assortment of new vehicles and race types and a revamped single-player mode that can be played online or off (think Burnouts seemless transition) The game will also include new features like vehicle damage and weather effects. (and a globally syncronized day/night cycle)

OPM has a great multipage feature spread on this, out today, and from first impressions it looks rather good, like a sexier version of Midnight Club LA but with many more features. To celebrate, i'm downloading a copy of Test Drive Le Mans for my Dreamcast.



  1. TDU2 is a wait and see for me. It's that kind of game where the proof is in the pudding. Looks promising so far though.

    Ah, Test Drive Le Mans is testament to the powers of the Dreamcast - it still looks good to this day (and plays good too).

    I always loved Test Drive 6 on DC for some reason... it looked terrible and controlled pretty badly too, but I couldn't get enough of it. Maybe it was the included video of the Fear Factory cover of Cars.

    For the record I'm a complete DC fanboy - I still own 3 of them. But I'm here in NZ and my DCs are in the UK...

    I swear, every time I post a comment here I end up leaving upset about something.

  2. "I swear, every time I post a comment here I end up leaving upset about something."

    we're doing something right then :D

    played MC:LA last night just to check i still liked it, sandbox+cars=win (except if you're called Paradise), so i can handle more of the same. i noticed my game time stands at 75hrs for it and i still haven't even really done many story mode racing events.

  3. I know someone who worked at Sega when they killed the dreamcast, all the fancy glass panels were taken down, leaving a weird office... oooooooooo

  4. "all the fancy glass panels were taken down, leaving a weird office" Sounds like a perfect metaphor for my life when they killed the Dreamcast.

    It's funny, more I think about it the more I realise the DC was a huge part of my life - it was just kind of there when important things were going on. It's like those "everyone knows where they were" moments - September 11th 2001 I was in Dixons in Congleton getting my first DC replaced. Got curious why people kept coming in and heading to the TV and went to have a look... won't forget that day ever I don't think.