Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sony 3DTV In The Wild

But is it really a good deal? Despite flashing the £1300 price tag, look closer, that's with a trade-in plus you also then have to buy a 3D transmitter and a couple of pairs of glasses too, that takes the price up to a cool £1500, which put it in direct competition with the Samsung 40" model which has in-built transmitter and includes 2 free pairs of glasses. The other bothering thing is the Sony one looks to me the same as a Sony 40" KDL40EX403U which you can pick up for an easy to find £600 from the same shop, is this just a case of Sony rebranding an older model and trying to make a fast buck on the back of the 3D launch?

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  1. Having to put glasses on before she watches 3D Corrie isn't going to go down well with Mrs Pablo.

  2. you could always poke one of her eyes out with a fork and keep the 3D set for yourself :D

    if i can get a 3DTV for a grand(ish) near xmas it could be on the cards.