Friday, 23 April 2010

The Lost And The Awesome

Finally my dream has come true, two years ago someone said it wouldn't be long before there would be tattooed gangs of PS3 fanboy bikers roaming the land, yesterday that long remembered concept came true. For many an hour i was the lone eastern europian chopper rider dealing out pain in Libery City, now i finally have my own whole biker gang and totally authentic club house.

The game also remembered my controller set-up etc from GTAIV and has fixed a few niggling issues from the first game, the most obvious was Nikos weeeeeird leaning over while walking around corners. It also adds the option of a 'grain' filter to make it look more edgey, grainy footage makes things edgey? Then when you ride with the gang you replenish health and vehicle buy staying within the club logo projected on the ground. I'm sure there's more but need to put some hours in yeah.

Some of the new bikes are to die for, billboards, radio and TV have been updated and i was sad to hear in a news item on the radio that Lazlo had been sacked, that guy was an in-game and real life legend. There's more Halo Republican Space Rangers cartoons too. Shame we had to wait two years fro this DLC pack, but it's here now and i am the bunny of happy.

ps: anyone else get a Modnation Racers PSP code today?

pps: i hope FedEx arrives with my new bike forks before i have to leave for the doctors.

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  1. finished TLAD, well apart from a pile of races and gang wars, but i nailed the main story, the ending was all boom chugga chugga chugga blam splode well whut? bang vroooom vrooom sadness burn ring ring ring.

    the way the story is worked around the events of Nikos tale is spot on and fills some plot holes, you get to meet some old faces again too which made me happy. the tale of the Damned is a sad and sorry one. and yeah, they kept that knob scene in, knowing Sony i was really expecting them to have cut it. shwiing.

    being able to call in back-up from your biker buddies is a nice touch, as is the inclusion of gang wars, think of San Andreas when you were taking over city zones.

    the bike races are fun and with the quip of 'somebodies gonna be getting road rash' summing up the racing.. yeah, baseball bat to the face!

    i think they have tweeked the graphics engine as i'm sure the game looked better, but that could be down to me having a new tv since owning GTAIV.

    next weekend i'm gonna get down with Gay Tony.

    oh and there was a compulsory install during which i went to the toilet, dropped a log, made a mug of coffee and some toast, smoked a fag and still had time to watch the loading bar.

    my question would be, why would you buy the DLC packs over the stand alone disc pack? what ever you do you still need a disc in the drive. and as usual the DlC cost more off the Store than the disc version.