Saturday, 3 April 2010

That's Customer Service

Imagine my surprise today when two boxes from Amazon dropped through my letter box, one a replacement Limited Edition for sending me a standard copy in the first place for naffng up my pre-order AND another standard copy.. The good thing is they never asked for the original wrong copy back as i'd already opened it so they couldn't resell it. now that's what i call BONUS content *smug*


  1. Dibs!!!!!!!

    oh dibs dibs dibs!


    *jealous* =(

  2. hey that's pretty good going! So are you going to take the other copies along to Game or somewhere you can part-exchange them for something else?

  3. sorry John, cashed the spare ones in this afternoon for £50 store credit.

    i just hope Amazon doesn't realised they ballsed up.

    *fills out official denial paperwork*
    not like they haven't made enough money off me in the past for games :)

    ps: new dr who series is pretty good, though that could have been down to the sexeh ginger police strippergram bird he has as a sidekick now. mmmmmm.. ginge's in uniform *drools*

  4. That is good going, and i reckon youre pretty safe with Amazon not realising. i played the demo of JC2 on the strength of your write up, and its pretty damn good. looking at some trade-ins tomorrow to pick it up i think, pennies a little short but that demo is top fun.

  5. @ Photek - it's pretty good fun, and a total timesink, i've clocked up 42hrs and 20% complete so far. mind you, i am easily distracted :)