Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dude, Wait, Whut?

It has been brought to my limited attention that there are other consoles out there in the world, so, for the rest of the month i shall be exploring this strange new world and posting articles found on my travels. What do those other consoles offer us that the once glorious PS3 doesn't? Does the pained cry of the wounded fanboy of 'Fuck You Sony, I'm Getting An Xbox' hold any water?


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  1. Controversial post and no comments? I was disappointed by Sony's knee-jerk reaction as I posted here. I hope that Sony reconsider their actions. Hmmm that might sound far-fetched but let's not forget how they have responded to fan-input in the past. It may seem like our concerns are being ignored but trust me, Sony are listening. They did eventually respond to the firmware 3.0 criticisms and even took steps to address some of the major concerns of the most vocal bloggers amongst us. Who knows maybe with enough comments from us little people they might consider re-instating other OS support albeit in a more secure fashion, in a future firmware update. We can live and hope!

    So what would become of this place if our founder was to turn his back on Sony and switch to another platform. Would we be instead reading 360-speech or Wii-speech, perhaps?

    Personally I would not jump onto the Microsoft
    ship no matter what happens in the Sony camp. I have a problem with Microsoft and that doesn't just stem from my PS3-fanboyness. It stretches beyond that. You could say I'm anti-microsoft and that is because I don't like how they do business. I don't like their shitty bloat-ware on my PC and I don't like the way that as a company they don't ever come up with any ideas of their own. Talk to your average 360 fanboy and no doubt he'll hark on about how great Xbox-live is compared to the competition. Blah blah blah. This is Microsoft's only saving grace. Ok it's good, but is it worth me paying all that money every month when I can get the PSN for free?

    I read on Neogaf that one of the mods there actually managed to get some money back from Amazon for his PS3. He wrote to Amazon claiming compensation after the removal of the Other OS feature. After quoting some consumer right gubbings, fitness for purpose according to what was agreed at the time of purchase, yadda, yadda. Anyway he got £84 back. So has this set a precedent? Will Amazon find themselves swamped by claims for compensation from disgruntled PS3 [phat] owners? And then what - other retailers pressured into following suit? Eventually Sony might bow to pressure / seek to avoid a media shit-storm and reinstate the Other OS!