Thursday, 8 April 2010

Andy Hunter, Come On!! who needs Split/Second?

With Split/Second rolling out soon i can't help but think it is nothing more than a Burnout clone, probably in a good way but do we need all those triggered explosions? why can't we just enjoy fast manic arcade racing? Burnout Revenge (my favorite in the series) can be picked up for less than a fiver these days. I guess if you lamented what they did to the series with Burnout Paradice (bastards) then you could see this as a step in the right direction for motor racing.

Also, the more i see of that Blur game the more i wonder just who is going to buy it, why can't we have a proper 'cars with guns' racing game, the wonderful JS film DeathRace showed us how it should be done, maybe someone should explain to Blur's developers that EMP and shock attacks are Special Effects, not weapons.



  1. For a demonstration of how not to have a "Cars with Guns" title, please refer to "Full Auto: Battlelines 2". Published by SEGA. Draw your own conclusions.

    As for "Split/Second[: Velocity]", as I posted in the "YellBox" below, I think I've just stopped looking forward to it:

    [ ]

    (sad emoticon)

    The impact/collision damage seems to be non-existent (until the halfwit driving slams the vehicle sideways into a crash barrier & spins round enough to flip the car into the air). Up until then numerous scrapes with other vehicles & bounces off the track perimeter do not seem to even slow down progression in the race.

    I liked "Burnout Paradise", especially the commitment to ongoing downloadable content & the near-immediate multiplayer game initiation, but had only spent (a brief amount of) time with the PSP variants up until it was released so do not really have any point of comparison.

    I also have never bothered going online with either my PS2 or my Xbox 360 so I don't think finding a handful of people still playing is going to persuade me.

    That said, Jase 'The Face' (or 'Muscles from, erm, Sydenham') Statham's "Death Race" could well be another movie-to-video-game flop waiting to happen. Fortunately nothing came of it other than the very (re-)watchable movie.



  2. I'm surprised to this day that anyone would prefer Revenge over Takedown. Ever since the first Burnout (which I will always remember as "Shiny Red Car") one of the principle gameplay elements was weaving through the traffic at high speed. Revenge took this idea out back and put a bullet in it's head. Still, each to their own I guess.

    Paradise isn't a terrible game, but it does have serious issues. I have noticed the only time I really have fun when you get out of the city - I guess it's just more like the Burnouts of old with the long sweeping corners. Also I find it really hard to play Paradise because it reminds me how good a new Carmageddon could be...

    And on the subject of Carmageddon - seriously? Death Race? Oh how I hate that POS film. Having said that I'm quite a big fan of the old Death Race 2000 (any film that blames the French for stuff is all win for me). I should really know better by now (especially working in the movie rental game) - if you liked the original, avoid the "remake" like the plague.

    I seem to have gone into ramble mode here, so I'll sum up and get out of the way:

    -HD version of Takedown nice and cheap on PSN
    -A new Carmageddon
    -A decent sequel to Death Race 2000 without all the silly weapons and prison breaks and far too serious tone

    Wait, we're supposed to be talking about Split/Second? Oh. Erm... I got nothin'.

  3. @ el Stefio - i do still have Burnout: Point of Impact if you insist on avoiding all the traffic ;) but for me Revenge was one final gloriously insane blowout for the series, then they made Paradise.. made me feel kind of dirty, like having R-Type final, only to see it turned into some turn based travesty!

    @ fp - Full Auto: Battlelines 2.. we shall never mention this title ever again :) i think i picked it up on ebay many many many moons back for 99p and promptly traded it in a couple of days later.

    i was ready to hate on the remake of Death Race, as i loved the original also, but it's soo different as to not be death race, if that makes sense, so i got to liking it, any film with cars and guns and daft plot is ok by me.

  4. ps: about time we had a new Ridge Racer too

  5. Ok, I'll let you off for having Point of Impact... but only because I'm in a good mood.

    And yeah a new Ridge Racer would be welcome, but ONLY if it comes with a new JogCon!! I'm serious!! The lack of a JogCon in modern gaming causes me to fly into a rage at the slightest mention of Ridge Racer...


    I'm off to rock in the corner for a while now.

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