Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mafia II Demo Leads To Pre-Order

First and foremost, the game looks amazing. It's clear the developers possess a creativity-driving passion for the genre, as everything--from the period cars to the sharp mafioso suits--is drenched in immersion-pushing detail. The story unfolds from the mid 1940's to the 50's in a fictional city that takes its inspiration primarily from New York, but with a little Chicago and San Francisco flavor also thrown in. Mafia II's 10-square mile Empire Bay boasts beautiful architecture evocative of the cities it's based on, New England's famously temperamental weather, and plenty of places where wiseguy-wannabes can get into trouble. And that's exactly what I did just minutes into my hands-on demo...

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  1. ps: really liked the kane and Lynch demo too, the graphical style is.. different.. and i think it'll be a blast on 2 player co-op, but i need to finish Army of TWO first before getting another 2 player title. it's on the list though.