Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Warhawk GOTY Edition

Last game I bought on disc was Red Dead, and much like GTA all versions, fantastic fun until completed when it became weirdly boring and empty. All about the missions.

I was a latecomer to MW2, I maxed the Campaign mode in moments and slowly took the online to level 60ish... Red Dead interrupted play, and I really can't be bothered to get hooked by MW2 again.

So, what to play, what to play... I don't spend a lot on games as my job, my other job and my fam keep me away - game time is limited, so I only get rlly rlly top titles.

Ran Warhawk again a week or so ago - it's as awesome as it ever was. Those of you who haven't played it, for crikeys sake go Playstation Store and put £15 on it - I'll be your friend and learn you up in no time. This is unquestionably the most hectic, balanced multiplayer game anywhere, it's hilarious, varied, amazing vehicle variety (jeep, tank, warhawk, then DLC for dropships, APCs, Jetpacks etc - each totally different and useful) - just perfect. I'll say no more.


  1. BTW I was joking about a GOTY edition :)

  2. i haven't played Warhawk for absolutely years.

    think i better dust off the hard drive partion and give it a blast again.

  3. Ah, there's never been a game to match the magic of Warhawk! I don't know why I like it so much. Perhaps it's because I get a kick out of playing it against people online. One of the few online titles which I can play without getting my arse kicked. You can just join in for however long you feel like, 5 minutes; a whole round; a few rounds; a whole afternoon. Even after having played it for 500 hours I still enjoy it.

    I've hardly been playing anything at all, what with 2 young children at home. The hour or so I get free in the evening each day I normally just kick back with a beer and watch the TV! Well my PS3 is not running away anywhere and I'm sure I'll get chance to get back into it some day - maybe when my kids are older (then I'll never get a look in! Maybe I'll have to buy a PS3 for the kids too - fanpages style!) Anyway, hopefully by that time the rumoured sequel to Warhawk that I've been salivating over will have actually become reality. Yes, went off on a tangent there but finally back on topic - oh yeh!

    The only disappointing thing about Warhawk is the lack of players compared to what it was like a couple of years ago! As you'd expect, numbers have dwindled as gamers take to titles new. Lots of the official servers are still up but on the few times I've played recently I always bump into the same people playing - the Warhawk hardcore I guess. Oh and incidentally, is the Warhawk platinum trophy actually obtainable? This must be harder to get than a date with Jessica Alba!

  4. I think it's a testament to the game that you can still find at least one server with a healthy 20 or 30 players on, or kick back and DM with 4 or 8 if you fancy. Props too to Sony/Incognito for keeping their servers up. The rumoured Starhawk is bound to totally kick ass if/when it happens.

  5. Ah - also if you've got Playstation Plus you can download the Warhawk Trial and get 50% off as well. I checked the standard Store, the Warhawk trial isn't available anymore to us Playstation Zeros.

  6. 500 hours.. shit. that's dedication.

    can you still host your own games on it or did they change that option. could be a laugh for one of my LAN nights around here.

    also got a mint boxed secondhand white NDS.lite (£70) today, works nicely with my R4, been making custom themes and loading up the latest software on it. it can run my EZ Flash cart from my GBA at the same time. nice.

  7. gah, you know you can't mention EZ Flash near me without putting a certain song in my head!!!

    I never really gave Warhawk a look in - played the trial for about 10 minutes (though that came out about 2 years after the game was released I believe) but it didn't really hook me.