Friday, 6 August 2010

Post 500.. It's The Weekend, Nearly

Should be going to see 'Predators' at some point and no doubt getting a few more hours in on Army of TWO co-op mode with my hetro life buddy, i also plan on some more GT4/TT track time.. Is it November yet? *waits waits*. The arcade stick is doing nicely and i'm finding it much better for driving games than the joypad, very weird.. it also jacks into my netbook so i can use it on my Virtual Game Boy Advance while connected to my HDTV over HDMI, damn, 32" GameBoi definately FTMFW!


  1. post 500!!


    Got myself a stick last week too. Been playing some super street fighter 4. Hadouken!

    Also good for a bit of Ikaruga

  2. what stick did you get Pablo?

  3. took GBA SP into work.. forgot to put a cart in the damn thing!


    plans on spending next hour staring at the clock

  4. to celebrate teh big 500 we now has twitter and facebook buttons and some other stuff in a new gadget bar.. plus the 'posted by..' info is now fixed, only took 500 posts to get it done -haha-

  5. nice work with the new buttons and posted by. Also I'll show your skyline clip to my bro-in-law as he has one of those (not a 1200hp version!) and is a bit of a skyline freak, sometimes attending the somewhat-politically-incorrectly-named local "jap meet".