Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Flash Your ROM Me Hearties

EZ-Flash IV arrived today in a not so subtile box, it had tape all over it with the site name 'flashlinker and gameboy' hiding what was until a copy of weeks ago not illegal, i guess possibly the EZ4 comes under that ruling as it can be used in a NDS.. mmm... well, it arrived without any trouble. i paid for it with paypal, it was shipped via registered post and i picked it up and signed for it at teh depot this morning. a nice professional operation.

How does it work, well, it does exactly what it says on the tin. i did purchase a 2Gb Kingston SD card set with it as that is it's limit per card and you can fit a ton of roms on there. It seems it is better to sort your roms into folders, like one for rpg, one for arcade etc etc as it allows faster access and create a /saver folder for the gamesaves.

The EZflash wiki is very helpful for new owners and i'd soon loaded in my new custom front end and downloaded the client software, you can drag and drop the roms if you wish oro use the client for customed settings.

FlashLinker - For All Your FlashCart Needs

Also, Bidding on the Sega Dreamcast ends 12:30 Sunday.


  1. loving the finish on the micro. Is that your handiwork?


    Apparently you can even overclock the suckaz

  3. @ pablo - just uploaded and edited in a pic of mine, it's hot magenta with a matt black faceplate