Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thank You, SRSLY

Just want to say thanks to the person who gave me an R4 this holiday weekend with a half dozen DVDs full of NDS Roms. For the uninitiated that car is a modified R4 ;) it is not NDS compatable. Not heard anything more from the guys behind the X3Jailbreak but rest assured i'll let you know once it arrives.

Also this weekend i played, and finished, Mafia II, it took me 22hrs to complete but that included taking time out and replaying some of the earlier missions. First off the game looks really nice, the attention to detail really comes through and helps to pull you in to the game, secondly, the game is totaly linear in it's execution, you get the story missions and nothing else, you can go to a shop to buy clothes, or mildly modify a car, or steal a car and get it crushed for cash but that's it really. That's not saying it's a bad game, far from it, it's just the pace is a lot slower than other sandbox titles and there is realatively not much else to do except drive/walk around looking at things.

The story is rather good, following your return to Americaland after a stint in the war and your adventures with the local Mafia the opening war level serves as the tutorial. The first 1/3rd of the game is very downbeat and grey and cold but things get better later on as you get more trusted and get better jobs to do. There's also the 'exclusive' DLC pack which adds more gameplay with a new character called Jimmy and comes across as some good ideas they left out of the main game and bases missions on points scores, only played the first couple of missions and they're much like the main games.

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