Sunday, 22 August 2010

i'm Not Bad, I Was Just Drawn That Way

Played a few hours of Dog Days last night in co-op, so far it's been one long slaughterfest. The gritty digital video cam footage etc really adds to the confusion, there's weapons a plently to play with and i like the fact you can drag your sorry arse across the floor still shooting when you've been taken down. you can button mash to keep your health from dropping too far too until your partner comes to tag you, if one dies you both restart the section.

Going to start it in single player today sometime, after the housework and shopping that is... why is reality less exciting than playing a drug fuelled psycho? ;)


  1. Dog Days, Dog Days.... not sure how to describe this, but at its heart it's a cover based 3rd person shooter with a thin thread of plot linking all the sections together in a carefully coreographed ballet.

    in reality it's a hellish confusing cluster fuck of an all out gun battle for 8hrs as you try to escape from Shanhai, you will be lost, crapping yourself, tortured, squinting through the shaky ripped digital shootage effect. you. will. die.

    This game will shaft you if you give it a chance, the partners Ai is pretty impressive as is the enemys, often flacking you and shooting you in the back of the head, a shotgun to the chest, a pistol round to the temple as you peek around a corner, walking across an empty carpark

    and you know what, i enjoyed every minute of it.

    haven't touched online multiplayer yet but have been playing Arcade mode, which gives you the multiplayer maps and you play a game called heist in them, basically you and 8 other players do a job, you each collect as much money as you dare then, in the first map you 'get to the chopper!' i couldn't help but smile as i diverted around the left flank and triggered the chopper as the other guys had got caught up in a fire fight, i belted for the chopper flare and jumped on the ladder, an option came up as i was first there to 50/50 my stash with the pilot, i did and left leaving the rest of them team shot down to death on the bridge.

    you can also turn traitor and kill other team mates for their cash too. as the game reminds you, trust no one. i can imagine this being a griefers delight online :)

  2. Played the demo of this and was fairly impressed. Really loved the shoot-out in the DVD shop.

    The art style is also real groovy (though it seems to have split people down the middle). May pick this up when it gets a bit cheaper and I've had time to go through Mass Effect 1 & 2.

    I'm making a point of not buying too many games at once! Wonder how long that will last? :)

  3. that shop! i was playing co-op and realised my partner wasn't with me, they were busy chuckling at the copies of Mini Ninjas etc for sale in the racks :)

    not buying too many games.. good luck with that seeing as gaming season is about to kick off, my pre-order list is wallet breaking :D

    Bargain of the month, got Beaterator new off amazon for £1.49 on saturday, it turned up today