Thursday, 23 December 2010

10 biggest gadget letdowns of 2010

Not everything lives up to the impressive-sounding, bullet-point list of features that appeared on the internet six months before launch.

Sometimes owning high-spec gadgets is best left to the imagination, as the result of your latest internet shopping spree can end with the courier dropping off something that isn't quite as life-changing and empowering as the multi-million pound, pan-European marketing assault initially suggested.

Spec sheets are one thing, but as tech gets more and more complex and attempts to please more and more people by combining ever-longer lists of features into one box, we're seeing companies fail to get the dizzying modern blend of software and hardware anything like right.

So what products have disappointed us this year? Which ones do we wish we'd waited for a few more reviews to filter through before maxing out the credit card? And which product was so terrible it was pulled from sale in the face of mass consumer disgust?

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  1. Easy - iPad. I can't stand a solution looking for a problem. Sure it's very pretty, but my HTC Desire is way smaller, better functionality and its my phone too, my Vaio laptop does the rest - pads by definition are missing the keyboard - WTF?

  2. Microsoft's KIN One and KIN Two phones had an enormous marketing budget and launched [late] amid a fanfare of hype only to be a complete flop in USA and consequently never even got released in Europe. They were supposed to be the first Windows Mobile 7 phones but launched with 6.5. Microsoft spent a billion dollars on developing them. What a waste of money!