Monday, 6 December 2010

Nurburgring + VW Van + 'Tone =


  1. Did you match up the specs of the Top gear van you yours tone?

  2. *crosses fingers behind back*

    of course i did :D

    well, top end is roughly the same give or take a few mph. don't think the TG van had full racing suspension and soft sports tyres though. If we needed it to be teh realz we need someone driving a Dodge Viper up front as a drafting vehicle. So i say my mods are justified.

    good vehicle to start off my Nurburgring Power Laps board with. next up, a beige Volvo 244 estate with a stage 3 blower ;P

  3. @mobiletone I enjoyed that, awesome work! I so want that bus! I figured you'd still be finding love in GT5 after your elephant in the room post - how do you feel about it now?

    I've been a busy boy with work and put GT5 down for a few days, I'm all Dead Nation right now as it's more befitting my current headspace (must kill!). Dead Nation really is the dogs blx.

  4. Hahah nice! I thought Sabine was enjoying the ride a bit too much!

  5. @ jimmy - it cost me over 200,000Cr to build *grins* yeah, GT5 is cool, not sure about some of the changes they made but still... could do with an AI slider though in Arcade, and winning teh GT World Race series in my Dodge felt a bit wrong. conclusion, looks nice but a bit too easy to win. the Ai should auto adjust to your cars power/driving licence level i feel.

    @ reakt - yes, it does sound like a Sabine sex tape if you're not watching the video. i blame all the cold medication i've been on ;)

    ps: stupid video capture only working in 4:3 mode

    back to work tomorrow. boo!

  6. unlocked game end movie and won the Bugatti Veyron today.

    2 weeks... *ponders stuff*

    then the game reminds me 'there's lots more racing to do' -haha- silly game.

    MY Veyron now does 264mph, Red Bull X1 you have been pwnd! :)

    "The X1's 1483bhp destroys the RB6's 770bhp, although it revs lower to 15,000rpm to the F1 car's 18,000rpm. The 3.0-litre V6 engine has twin-turbos, which power The X1 to a theoretical top speed of 249mph"

  7. just found out advanced damage model is unlocked when you hit lv40.. whut!? that is just retarded. and there was me thinking the damage model was -meh-

    what level do you need to hiti to tune your own gearing rather than just the final gear?

    GT5 is love/hate relationship i feel. *headdesk*

  8. I picked it back up yesterday and did a bit more. I totally don't care about B spec, why would I press buttons to tell a driver what to do, when I can drive myself, it's like waiting for your mate to pass the controller.

  9. B-Spec was handy in GT4 for those longer races, like 4hr enduro.. are there any that long in GT5? dunno. but you could pit-in and hand control over to your B driver while you went down the shop for some more beer and he would carry on the race, you could trust him not to balls up.

    my first GT5 B driver was awful so i sacked him and created another one, better but i wouldn't trust him not to lose me a race yet.

    ANYWAY. i got teh Bravia/PS2 set today, very nice. still fiddling with it, love the XMB and Home button on the remote, choosing what tv channel to watch on your menu bar is nice.

    will do a proper write up in a day or so.

  10. hey 'Tone - look forward to seeing the pics for the Bravia/PS2 set!