Sunday, 26 December 2010

GT5 And Head Tracking

Another WTF for GT5 was me trying to get the head tracking working. I have the camera going through a USB hub and it appeared in the options settings, after i switched it back from the Moves wide angle mode, but i could not get the bugger working in the Arcade/Practice mode. After some reading on the intarwebs and frowning at all the conflicting information about it only working in some modes with certain cars i cracked it. In anything above a Beginer you have to turn off Fuel/Tyrewear in the pre-race options! don't ask me why, you just do. After i did that it seems to be working fine with all in car views.

The angle of turn isn't huge, it allows you to check out your rear view mirrors and look up and down a bit but it's enough to create a feeling of driver movement, i never realised just how much i do turn my head while driving in a game until now.

I've also been playing Tumble with my new wavey stick, does the end have to glow magenta? :D it shows off just how versatile the Move controler is and i imagine after a few more shots of JD stacking things on top of other things will be as much fun as:-


  1. behold the second coming, for he is The STIG!

    er yeah.. TG Xmas Special, pretty good.

    *resists urge to play GT5 again today*

    drinking and driving is bad mmmmkay :D

    seem to be totally hooked on stacking things on top of other things in Tumble. Bought the full version. the frizbee golf thing demo is also nice, TV Superstars made the baby jesus cry. Not sure about ping pong either, had issues about position of bat in local space time continumn.

    also me and Reakt are sofa buddies. epic taste in comfortable home furnishings there mate ;)

  2. I reckon Tumble is one of the best Move games available. I've had calibration issues with most of the other titles, but Tumble's always performed well.

    * Enjoyed the LBP2 demo, but I've had the beta for a while anyhoo, so that was a given...
    * Switched off Mass Effect 2 demo after 10 mins.
    * Plugged in new espresso machine

    * Drunk latte, after latte, after latte, etc
    * Began the Dead Space 2 demo
    * Experienced anxiety, paranoia & bordereline mental health issues

  3. @Devine that is one badboy coffee sackboy combo, respect is due!

  4. Got round to playing the ME2 demo (2hrs long, second part unlocked somehow after the first was completed), liked it. controls were spot on, graphics nice and solid though there were a few little frame rate issues spotted. talk wheel is a good feature. i chose the class.. ermm.. didn't pay enough attention, but the hacker with teh floaty attack drone and pistol/smg skills.. think i'm going to enjoy the full game.

    ps: sackboy coffee machine! :D

    pps: 'Move' doesn't recharge on my mains usb charging hub, pants. got it jacked into my PS3 using a duel ended usb harddrive cable, is charging. unsatisfactory solution.

  5. Before tomorrows return to work *curses nhs* I decided to get round to tackling my YLOD. I got some silver space paste from Maplins but they don't do heatguns so made a trip to B&Q and got one there.

    I extremely cautiously followed the Gilksy youtube videos step by step and hey presto, once I screwed it back together it turned on!!

    I've got my saves off of it except the copyrighted ones (screw you Demon Souls!) and NFS:HP out of the drive :D

    Thanks MrJimmy for the chat pre-xmas, you gave me enough fear to be extremely careful with the ribbons and the heatgunning =)

    Made my xmas break, Hope you all had good ones!

  6. Hey happy new year everyone!

  7. well done Marvzilla, good result. You never know it might work out to last quite well.

  8. new years resolution: nuke old 60gb with heat gun!

    have taken xmas decorations down to replace them with socks, pants and work shirts on all available radiator spaces.