Thursday, 2 December 2010


Dead Nation is a superb zombie shooter, out yesterday in the PSN Store and a proper bargain dontchaknow.

I did a Beta runaround on this, it's a top game, as I'm increasingly believing anything by my Super Stardust HD providing heroes Housemarque is going to be. It's not one to play in front of the young'uns (due to the massive amount of bloodshed and desperately morbid and gory content), but it's a great change of scene from most of the games we are playing these days!

If anyone wants to go co-op, gimme a shout.


  1. wow! it's out!?! I've been waiting for this ever since I saw the trailers for it ages ago. Thanks for the heads-up Jimmy will definitely be getting this. Also, yes, I will be up for a co-op game with you. Let me get some practice in first!

  2. sweet Reakt, be good to get online again with you, not done since Warhawk. You don't need practice with this, just a half hour to get the feel. Headset support is not ready but is coming, it could really do with it. I'll message you my phone number so we can arrange a late night play

  3. does this still have the 'infection map' I saw in an early video? It was meant to show how much of your country/city was infected or something...

  4. @pabloamigo
    Yeah the map's in, it's quite a cool feature. USA is in 1st, Canada 2nd & UK 3rd (as of last night).