Saturday, 18 December 2010

Xmas Like IT's 1985

Vintage British Argos 1985 Catalogue


  1. I had the original version (in about '82) with the wood veneer on it! I didn't even know they made a newer version. I guess this was the "ps3 slim" of its day.

  2. yepp yepp, they had the 'wooden' one in Cashies a couple of weeks ago along with 13 cart's, i thought -ahha- get a bargain retro system here, but they wanted £60 for it, and it didn't even have the box. needless to say i didn't get it.

    got plenty of retro games sytems on ps2 etc compilation discs anyways.

  3. Hehe, that 'The Boss' joystick was the first stick I bought for the C64.

  4. I didn't like The Boss, it was pretty floppy as I recall. Kemptons, Wico, Quickshot etc. got through them like noones business!

  5. where are my pre-xmas wages? *waits*

    i was always a fan of Kempstons, competition pro for teh mf win!

    i do have a mint one of these on my gamer crap shelf.