Friday, 3 December 2010

Sony Release New PS2

What do you get when you combine a Sony 22-inch Bravia LCD with a Sony PS2? The ultimate babysitter! It’s cheap at £199 (Richer Sounds) and has a small enough footprint to fit into most kid’s rooms. But best of all, while you’re working your way through the gory madness that is Splatterhouse on the livingroom PS3, the kids can enjoy your tame classic PS2 titles like Crash Bandicoot or Grand Theft Auto III. There really isn’t anything as rewarding as parenting, eh? If a built-in PS2 isn’t enough, there’s four HDMI ports, along with access to Sony’s Bravia online service either through Ethernet or via the optional wireless dongle. Sony’s not said just yet whether the US will get a version of the KDL-22PX300 Tough Titties America.

*runs to shop with new credit card*


  1. They should let it connect to the PSN store for downloading PS1 classic games!

  2. i pick mine up on Thursday when Richer open their new shop. Xmas pressie to myself :D

    apparently there are only 1000 of these made and RS have global sales rights on them. the thing isn't even listed on Sony's site, but appears in the support section.. with a firmware update, 36meg.


    the manual for those interested in spec's etc.

  4. Very interesting - tone do let us know how this is, I'm kind of tempted even though I neither need or can afford it, just seems like a TV I should have!

  5. that was my logic :D

    but capital one sent me a £200 creditcard so instead of frittering it away, i decided to get something solid with it.

    also needed a new screen for LAN gaming as the old 26" went all green and weird after i dropped the damn thing. lookign through the manual, there's not much this bravia/ps2 doesn't do. it'll probably spend most of it's time as a screen for my netbook (hdmi output)

  6. I have a projector at home, so this will be no good for me, although it's nice to see that the PS2 getting a revival - it's much better than the empty shell they call the PS3.