Wednesday, 2 February 2011

When Rockstar made FUN Games.

In a bargain game hunt yesterday i picked up WET (PS3), Driver 76 (PSP), Red Faction and State of Emergency (PS2) all for a few pence short of 10 squids for the lot. I'd forgotten just how bat shit crazy fun SoE was, it's like the precursor to Dead Rising, but dare i say, i enjoyed it more than Dead Rising 2 on the PS3, it's just so much more violent. love the voiceover too. Deep down i hope R* go back to their roots and make the next Grand Theft Auto with more of this in, and veer away from the more serious tone the company has been making of late. It's that or i'm all about Saints Row 3 when it comes out ;)


  1. also got a new raster/bmp to vector/.dxf package at work yesterday, could have some interesting arty uses instead of what i'm supposed to use it for.

  2. Rockstar are one of my favourite developers and often lead the way - too many dev shops are sheep. PS2 swan-song Canis Canem Edit (Bully) was another great example of Rockstar thinking, then backing that thinking.

    For my money GTAIV was lacking something new, aside from the new gen platforms it did not progress the franchise. RDR for me was the GTA 4 I wanted.

    Agreed too much realism in games on the whole, fun is king.

  3. yepp, realism is getting a bit much lately, i thought the whole point of gaming was to escape from the real and into the weird world of fantasy and the bizzare.

    just waiting for a next-gen HD 3D stereoscopic version of 'everyday the same dream', we will then have reached the pinicle of this generation of innovative game design.

    either that or Heavy Rain 2 ;)