Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Now With 2.5% Added Width

Well what can i say, been kind of busy with life the universe and something, and suffering from post-e3 game pre-ordering stress syndrome. October looks like it's to be a monster month for games this year, delays allowing, but i had a quick shufty, and there was LBP2, Fallout:New Vegas, Test Drive Unlimited 2, then Gran Turismo 5 for a start... i dread to think of the other stuff i could eat up without a second thought.

Anything you saw at E3 that got dumped into your pre-order pile, and why?

LBP2, for me this takes me back to those game creator kits that used to be almost popular way back in the day where you could make a thousand and one shoot 'em ups or platform games with little knowledge and a bucket of enthusiasm.

Fallout:NV, Fallout 3 was the biggest RPG i've burnt time on to date on the PS3, i loved wandering the Wastelands, rummaging about to survive adn going on strange quests for then people i met, despite spending 300+hrs on it i still never visited everwhere on the map.

TDU2, never played the first game but i am interested in the whole set of ideas behind this title, an open world driving game where your in-game life style is almost as important as getting behind the wheel and flooring it.

GT5.. need i say anything here really? i can almost taste the synth' oil in the air.

I'm STILL playing:- that damned Borderlands, finished the final final final mission today, Moxxis Underdome with my Siren character solo. isn't it about time we got some more DLC for that game, i don't mean full blown packs but i thought we were due some mission packs, maybe they're busy working on B2.

Red Dead Redemption, great game but nothing to do really once the credits have rolled, still not sure over what happened after the credits, personally i think the game should have ended at the barn and allowed maybe for a playthrough two. Need to give online a bit more time i think as that's rather fun.

Killzone 2, replaying this as i lost my original save file, doing it without HUD or crosshairs, i can recommend playing it this way. NOT happy to hear the devs have changed the control system for KZ3, loosing the weighted feel for something 'more responsive' hrmmmm, fugging whiney COD players messing up our game.

ps: anyone watch 'Mongels' on BBC3? funniest thing on TV this year. the foxes song about chickens ahad me cracked up :D


  1. Portal 2 is on my kill-to-get-hands-on list. Other than that, the new NFS is looking nice - I never really got into the open city stuff from Uderground onwards.

    Very interested in some of the Move stuff too - the demo of Sorcery looked good to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else gets done with it. Move has the potential to live up to everything I had hoped for when I picked up a Wii on launch day... sigh.

  2. Really want to see some gampley footage of Deus Ex - hope it turns out well.

    GT5 for me as well, but also looking to pop my MMO cherry with a bit of FF14. Child of Eden looks like the bomb (and may give me reason to buy Move). Journey from thatgamecompany has me interested.

    KZ3 obviously! Hope they haven't changed the controls too much.

    Dead Space 2 now has my attention. Currently playing through the first one (and enjoying it). Bonus HD version of Extraction might be reason number 2 to get Move.

    El Shaddai looks like it might have promise - art done by the guy who did Okami I think.

    Vanquish & Kane & Lynch both went on my preorder list just before E3. Fingers crossed that they both deliver.

    Something that may have dropped off my list is Infamous 2. Really couldn't get past the repetitive nature of the first one! :(

    Just contemplating whether to join the queue across the road so I can get an iphone 4! may wait till it dies down a bit.

  3. The entrepreneur that I am has consequences (two full time jobs and no incoming £) so I'm not exactly spending a lot of time watching E3 etc.

    I did the last story mission on red dead last night, yeah bit of a letdown, but more inclined to keep going than i was with GTA4. Not enough trophies!

    Portal was awesome, Portal 2, with cake, sounds awesome 2.

    Mongrels was hilarious - series linked!

    iphone 4 - limited stocks round here, but I neeed one o dem.

  4. @ tone

    "I've had enough cake jokes ... We didn't jettison everything, but I absolutely do not want to try and resurrect a three-year-old meme. That seems like it would be kind of sad. It's not a good idea."

    Apparently not, no.

  5. The games i am playing at the moment are just Fifa 10, Fifa world cup south africa, CoD MW2, CoD WAW. These games I just find addictive. I am really looking forward to GT5, some of the EA sports titles coming out this year, the new CoD Black Ops, MoH, etc etc... It seriously is going to be a great year for gaming.

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  6. @ MrJimmy - is it wrong to fancy the afghan? :D

  7. haha - not really tone, I'm still thinking about jessica rabbit far too often

  8. had to watch this show after you recommended it. Thought it was great - very funny! Will defo watch the rest.