Monday, 28 June 2010

The Ginger Holocaust Invades TF 2

Thanks go out to Mr.Monkey for the awesome link.
Yeah, i did wonder where Mr Harry had wandered off to this weekend ;)


  1. cool - who borrowed my Orange Box, and will it work on PS3?

  2. Odd!

    Hey are any of you guys gonna purchase a Playstation plus subscription? I might wait and see what content they're gonna be offering every month first. I buy a few PSN games so I might save money with the subscription, or they might try and fob me off with the crappy games that aren't selling well! Hmmmmmmm,

  3. @ reakt - i'll be signing up at the end of July to blagg Wipeout and lbp, i don't buy minis or classics so this is good for me, plus the new themes etc every month is going to be pretty cool, hell, it's only the price of a game for a years sub' so i think it's worth the risk.

    sometimes risks pay off, like that X3D box i got.