Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I’d like to start off by saying that no, I never played the first Deus Ex game. I also never played the second! But the look and general feel I get from the latest Deus Ex trailer has compelled me to visit these games and ready myself for something epic.

The trailer that has inspired me to get on the 64 bit (or what ever bit it was) time machine is this one:

There are lots of hidden themes that are truly deep and meaningfully to the overall idea behind augmentations. Something that will be great to see fully realised within the final game.

Lets just hope the new trailer to hit on Friday provokes the same response.

leaked pics:

So what do you think of this awesome looking game so far? Something you could see yourself buying judging solely from these trailers?



  1. It looks interesting from the trailers, definitely. Hope there's a playable demo when the game comes out!

    I've gotta get hold of a copy of Red Dead Redemption. I haven't bought any games for a while (full price ones anyway) but I'm gonna have to get this one as everyone's talking about it and I really feel like I'm missing out!

    Off topic but have you guys seen the deal Sony are doing on the PSP Go at the moment? Something tells me they're having real trouble selling these overpriced handhelds! You get 10 free games (via download of course, since it's the PSP Go - no UMD drive). But not just 10 crappy games. You don't get to choose but the games are some of the best games available - take a look.

    * Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines
    * Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
    * Gran Turismo
    * James Cameron’s AVATAR
    * LittleBigPlanet
    * MotorStorm Arctic Edge
    * Need for Speed SHIFT
    * Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
    * 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
    * WipEout Pure

    OK, so Avatar's probably shit but apart from that!

    over on the Eww blog it's quite funny to read some of the comments from people who have already bought the PSP Go, before the free games offer.

    If I had the money for another gadget I would get an iPad. Sorry Sony, the PSP was good when it came out but even after the facelift it feels outdated and dull.

  2. @ reakt - bloddy hell that's a great game line up. Sony must have 100,000s of the PSP-Go to get shot of. :O

    @ e-role - so long as it doesn't just turn out to be yet another fps with a totally mad HUD. we all know how great SE is at making sexy trailer footage *checks for gameoplay footage of previous games* hmmmmm yeah *underwhelmed*


  3. Remember the first one being ace, but it's fairly painful to look at these days.

    As for the sequel...after playing it for 5 minutes I had a Barry from Resi Evil moment..."What is this?"

    Hopefully this one turns out to be a bit special. Loving the visual style of the trailer...ummm....golden!


    Sony are obviously trying to shift the stock before June 15th...if you believe the rumours that they have psp2/psphone/psp-pad lined up.

  4. @pablo I've not heard the rumours but expect you're right that they're shifting the console to make way for a newer one. I'm thinking that a psp2 is the most likely. I can't see them bringing a psp phone out but who knows?!