Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm Straight Out The Trailer


  1. RDR + Southern Comfort, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah omnomnom

  2. Red Drunk Redemption?

  3. it's my new favorite game :D
    whenever you have a drink in a bar you
    pour a shot in real life.

    just made it to mexico.

    got my '500' and '$10,000' trophies
    before i quit the game last night. and
    got to lv7 online yesterday too. also
    made 'public enemy' after a massive shoot-out
    in Armadillo train station online, the
    bastards had me surrounded so i did the
    decent thing and ran out guns blazing to
    be shot down like the dog i am in the street.

    this game is full of win.