Monday, 7 June 2010

On The Train Back To Civilisation

And as i sit there i wonder if anyone at work would appreciate my 40hrs of gameplay wracked up in the last week or my Hero/Legend status in Red Dead Redemption...

It's not easy being a cowboy ;)

Unlocked the final map area last night, and it's a bit of a shock adjusting to civilisation after so long in the wild frontier. Done pretty well with the ambient challenges, finding all the hidden gold -w00t- and getting a good few survival ones under my belt.

After i gained Legend status i decided to don the bandana of dhooom so i could just go around shooting people up and venting all that repressed annoyance i held back while gaining my fame points. The walton gang outfit is definitely my favorite.


  1. MrJimmy is busy with work, so only just got to Mexico - but I LOVE this game. No rush, I'll get there..

  2. @ mrjimmy - i'm busy getting my face eaten off by grizzly bears in game, for such a big animal they sure can sneak up on you :D oh and trying to get the 'kill two cougars with your knife' survivalist level is a bit much.

    putting off meeting the new contact in the recently unlock map bit as i want to just dick around for a while before getting back to the plot.