Saturday, 26 June 2010

3DTV For Less Than £50 Project

That's right, the trained monkies down in our R+D basement have come up with this cheap solution to your 3D display needs. So, it only runs at 576i 60Hz on the 26" Toshiba but it does run your PS3 etc. in 3D, and the whole rig only cost 50 beer tokens to build. The image is improved if you can send a 480i 60hz NTSC input into it, also you need to be in a fairly dim room to avoid the flicker. But apart from that after wearing the glasses for 10 minutes or so you will have adjusted to the screens output.

don't expect the sort of image quality you get from the new HD3DTVs, but for a standard definition work around this box does a pretty good job, i played Split/Second for a few hours and the thing is the 3D effect is all about depth rather than things popping out of the screen, so you look into the screen, it works. i also watched Mongrels in 3D and i really was impressed by the picture. if you have something like a HUD up then the depth is even more noticeable, for example i bought up the TVs menu and the game was drawn down quite a few inches behind it, if you have the foreground/background contast it does genuinely feel deep and 3D.

right. better that the screen off the catbox before it savages me.

[mobiletone] adapting forgotten tech to todays needs.


  1. the section in GT5:P where it showcases the cars looks stunning in 3D, most impressed.

  2. Awesome vid tone!

    Can't believe you've cracked it!

    3D for all!