Monday, 14 June 2010

Sony E3 Live Blog

E310: 06/15/2010 07:30pm E310: Sony Keynote /// gamespot feed here

watching the Microsoft Live Feed NOW


  1. watched live video feed on gametrailers:

    Kinect - MEH - a bunch of mini games, a fitness thing and a dance game... plus a gimic thing for forza.. was hoping they would keep the best till last, they didn't.

    noticed about .25sec lag from movement to on screen action

    new Xbox, looks tiny compared to old one, shipping TODAY (in americaland i guess) want want want. price same as the old box $299

    Metal Gear Rising looks fucking amazing though. slice slice slicey slice slice.




  2. yeah, metal gear look goooood!

  3. Who thinks Kinect is too closely named to the PS2 EyeToy's "Kinetic" to be a coincidence?

    Come on... show of hands...

    Up... down, left & right...

    Epic F*l*ail.

    Microsoft promised reveals 'for everyone'. They just didn't mention that it wouldn't be in their press conference.

    To be fair, the technology has been mocked since it was announced (mainly by Sony who claimed to have something similar with the PS2 EyeToy over 10 years ago & they could not demonstrate it without it failing back then so left it behind).

    Microsoft has probably spent more time denying similarities to other technologies than promoting the product on its own strengths.

    I may buy it for the sake of it, but none of the fifteen launch titles interested me.

    Similarly, there is only one PS3 "Move" title I'm interested in playing ("Motion Fighter" [constipation jokes aside], or "The Fight: Lights Out", or whatever it is eventually going to be called).

    Once the manufacturers have got over themselves thinking that the public want this technology hopefully we can all go back to respective joypad controllers & decent games again.



  4. talking of similarities:-

    * Gloss black finish with chrome accents.
    * Touch sensitive buttons for on/off and eject.
    * 'Whisper' quiet: twin fan has been replaced with one large fan for improved acoustics.
    * 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU
    * Wi-Fi: Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
    * Hard Drive: 250GB internal drive
    * USB slots - Five USB slots; three in the back and two at the front
    * Optical audio our port integrated on back of console for AV system connection.

    no, not the new PS3, but the new 360

  5. I think the new 360 looks like a hunk of shite. Makes me laugh when journalists refer to it as the 360 "slim" as well. Yeh, slim like James Cordon.

    I'm lovin' the blog redesign though Tone - awesome!

  6. James who? *feels old* you really hate the 360 re-design, c'mon, it looks miles better than the old Elite model.

    glad you folks like the new layout. phew.

  7. you know the bloke from Gavin and Stacy. Actually he's a very talented guy - he co-wrote that series and a lot of other funny stuff on TV. He's just an easy target I guess. Him and his salad-dodging I mean. The daft bloater.