Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Inside Home: E3 Zone

Couldn't figure out where to view the Sony E3 presentation though, but it had 7 trailers running and a big screen on the wall that seemed to spam Move every other clip. Got into the VIP area and let off a bubble machine in the Killzone booth *chuckles* Think i'll be visiting it a bit more often now it has a new front end and stchuff.

I'm the one in the stripy red top and boobies. Was going to buy a motorstorm jacket for 79p but realized i'd blown the loose change in my account on a downloadable TankGirl comic on my PSP this afternoon. The guy in the Killzone outfit was most impressive. I did get some free animated virtual 3D/Tron glasses though, which i'm sporting in teh pic.


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