Friday, 18 February 2011

Finally Some Good News

After pounding the arse out of GT5 lately, nearly 11,000 miles driven 80% completed and 800 game days, i decided to see if my Logitech Driving Force Wireless would work on my 22" Bravia/PS2 Combo rig. I jacked the wheel into the mains, turned on the set and plugged in my wireless dongle, instantly the wheel autoconfigured itself by doing a full right/left turn then centering. cool, it had never done that on my PS3! why??

Loaded GT4 in and got all fuzzy nostalgic, it does look sweet running on that Bravia Engine 3 display. I got in my garage, picked my old tuned 80's Nissan Bluebird and went for a thrash. The wheel handles perfectly, as good as it does on GT5. Also noted was that fact i'd spent 1,500 game days in there, completed 50% of the game. So from that i deduce that GT5 is probably half the game GT4 is.

Going to dig TOCA 3 out at some point as that was my other favorite 'proper' driving game on the PS2. Hope i can find the memory card with my game save on. Do you remember proper crash physics and blown engines and tyres? GT5 missed a huge trick there.

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