Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Skyrim: Now i Remember

To most mere mortals the name of Skyrim will not mean much, but to me, hearing that that was the name of the new Elder Scrolls brought with it a pang of guilt and fear.. my mind flashed back to a couple of days after i split up with my partner of the time, that dark sunday afternoon when i loaded up her save game and i cackled with mischievious intent as i took control of her character and headed north, to that massive mountain just east of Westrun.
the journey was long and hard and together we faced many many trials over the next two days. finally the skys started to darken and the wind whipped the snow around her scantally clad body, i left nearly all of her equipment back outside a tavern over a day back. we climbed higher than i'd ever been before in this land, i used all the potions and food and 'lost' her remaining weapons, finally, battered, bruised and with few HP left i made it to the top and gazed in awe at the solid looking keep i had found, i tried the main defensive gate.. 'needs key to open'
dejected and exhausted and with no where near enough supplies to ever make it back to the lush green lands many many days below i slumped her against the wall, snow slowly building up around her purpling feet to await her fate.
so if you do venture in those lands and find her dead frozen body feel free to loot her last remaing gold coins and toss her corpse off a cliff...

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