Saturday, 19 February 2011

Taipei Game Show

WADDAYAMEAN What About The Games!? :D


  1. Yeah sod the games - games are for losers. The ones at the start with the iPads get an extra thumbs up. The fact they had iPads is simply an added bonus...

    On the subject of games, I ordered Nail'd today after falling in love with the demo but noticed it's only rated a measly 2.35 on the kiwi store. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it and has an opinion?

  2. Evening all...

    Here are codes for the Slurpee KZ3/LBP2 promotions as featured on the US blog:


    When entered at the codes will grant you 6 points which is enough to access some of the exclusive rewards.
    I just got the LBP2 dynamic theme & it's quite

    Note: You will have to register for an account at, which means providing a US postal address.
    The PSN codes which will be emailed to you are only redeemable on a US account.

  3. @El Stefio - Not tried Nail'd - a mate likes it though - reviews can really mislead.

    @Divine - nice find mate. Great LBP2 session the other day by the way.

  4. awwwwwwwwwww i want LBP2 but my 3DTV fund is eating all my spare cash right now. New MotorStorm game out on the friday before i (hopefully) trudge off to hand over TV cash.