Sunday, 20 February 2011

Steal My Ride

Or rather, since the new GT5 update you can now borrow cars that you friends have decided to share in their online profile garage. Just go to their profile page, click on the car to bring up the rotating display screen and hit the [borrow] button. I was surprised at just how many people haven't bothered to upload cars.. maybe i just own too many of them ;)

But to tempt you munchkins to try this feature i have decided to 'share' the RedBull X2010, and if you kill yourselves in it please make sure it is fully valeted before bringing it back. There's also some of my other classic rides including the mildly famous sub nine minute Nurburgring VW Camper from [this video]

PS: sharing your b-spec drivers online is a great way to level them up, Friday i uploaded 3 x Lv0 drivers, logging in now they are all Lv10 and Lv9.


  1. Much as I'm impressed by GT5, it didn't grab me how I hoped it might, so I traded it with a view to picking it up again later.

    That said, the updates are interesting and I love the idea of nicking MT's camper van! I'm looking forward to picking this up again in a few months.

  2. Thanks for taking my b-speccers out for a ride, I've gone from having one stig to a whole team of stigs. Been taking your boys for a spin in return.. I'd take you up on the x2010 but I'm determined to grind my way to my own, not got a Ferrari F1 by any chance??

  3. @ Marv - once you hit Lv30 do the Vettle Challenges, get (minimum) bronze trophy on all 3 events and you win the X2010, it will scare the willies off you mind :D

    @ Jimmy - GT5 is improving all the time with the updates, the AI is much better now plus all the other tweaks made, it's coming along nicely.

    also everyone else, PSN: OPM_HotLips is the go to account to add if you want your b-spec drivers trained up by a pro *coff* just send a friend request and i'll get on it.

  4. @Tone - I'll keep going, have been told my Wipeout training will come in handy when I get my hands on it.. love the driving school advert btw :thumbsup:

  5. gets in X2010, starts challenge, screams imgonnadieimgonnadieimgonnadie for 2 laps, twitch and stare lots when finished.

    there's fast and then there's THAT car. :)