Sunday, 27 February 2011

A weekend with Killzone 3

Because I spend a LOT of long nights with the KZ3 Beta, plus ran through the single player demo and a couple of public beta sessions, cracking open the Blu Ray didn't exactly drown me in surprises...

The campaign mode is nice, fast paced, everything you've read about elsewhere. I will enjoy this, but already have a feeling I'll crack it in no time. There is a campaign co-op, this is local only, not online.

One for tone - I tried the Botzone last night, it's all the same games and levels as online, but ran locally. The AI was very impressive - this works well.

Onto the main course - Multiplayer. I really like the different characters and the unlock system, with the beta I unlocked engineer and tactician quite thoroughly, this time I'm ignoring weapon upgrades and unlocking skills across all characters. Every character has it's place - I use tactician when my team lacks spawn points, engineer when we need ammo/turrets, medic when we are getting hammered, marksmen when need to camp out, infiltrator to hide in plain sight.

The downside with Killzone is the same as ever - games are loooong so it eats your life, and it's all very harsh and warlike, so hours on this are not the most jovial way to spend your time. Little Big Planet 2 makes me smile ear to ear - Killzone - not so much!

Loving this game, but for sure it's not for everyone.


  1. shame about the co-op not being online. this was the reason that would have got me to get it as me and serial_killer were going to do it that way.

    we played Borderlands to death (many times together and with others in the party) in co-op, and that is still what i consider the best online game i've played this generation.

    probably pick it up for BotZone though as after playing the demo a few times i've decided i can live with the controls, still prefer KZ2s feel mind.

  2. I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed with the graphics, I guess we were spoiled with KZ2. The addition of 3D is rumoured to be responsible for the consessions.
    I was hoping for a bit more spit and polish before the retail release after playing the beta.
    I'm only on the 2nd level atm though. I'm sure some of the larger set pieces/boss battles will be suitably epic.

  3. there is something wooly about the graphics, you feel like you should be more impressed that you actually are. It is a unique look, the campaign is very 'bursty', quick dashes between cut scenes.

  4. I beat the game on 'normal' last night and although I did really enjoy it, I can thoroughly appreciate the COD comparisons, the game does feel to have been sped up & dumbed down somewhat.
    I don't want to post any spoilers, I'll leave you guys to come to your own conclusions.

  5. In other news:

    The Helghan Cloaking Marksman has now joined the ranks of the Chimera hoard on what is swiftly becoming my shelf of videogame villainy.

  6. nice shelf of villainy. i'll have to take a snapshot of mine when i get home. it looks like a curious neo-tokyo pub carpark fight most days :)

    KZ3 sounds more like a weekend rental now.

  7. heh - just checked my KZ2 stats and i spent 13hrs playing online in 75 matchs.

  8. My "Killzone 2" statistics...

    Games played: 1037
    Time spent online: 12 Days 20 Hours
    Enjoyment had: lots!

    I didn't play the single player campaign for 18 months or so after release & after a few levels I found the story did not appeal to me & I went back online again.

    In contrast, last Saturday morning (a day after release in the UK) I started playing the "co-operative" campaign mode in "Killzone 3" with one of my kids & found the shared experience much more rewarding than the single player campaign of "Killzone 2".

    (Much like the disappointment of "Resistance: Fall of Man" to "Resistance 2", but in reverse)

    If you have the Steelbook edition (The Game Group-Exclusive Collector's, or HMV-Exclusive Helghast Edition) of "Killzone 3", or have £3.99 to spend on PlayStation Store, I encourage you to download (by way of redeemable voucher code, or in-Store purchase) the "Retro Map Pack" for "Killzone 3". This gives you access to the updated "Salamun Market" & "Blood Gracht" locations of "Killzone 2". I think you will immediately see the graphical improvements over the previous game if you do. There is also a significant addition to "Salamun Market" this time around!

    However, I do appreciate the point that because of the attention to detail with the depth of environments in "Killzone 2" the transition to "Killzone 3" is not going to be as stark as coming from a different franchise (say, the "Call of Duty" games, or "Battlefield: Bad Company" series).

    I am still enjoying the "Killzone 3" multiplayer matches, but a majority of my existing clan members for "Killzone 2" have not shown any interest in continuing their association.

    Although I have not yet had the opportunity to do so, I believe from some of my existing "Killzone 3" clan members that the use of the PlayStation Move controllers (& Sharp Shooter peripheral) do improve the game-play significantly.



  9. @fanpages - thx for this post - I was thinking of you for a bit of clan action on KZ3 - noticed the DNA clan. I started a U3S one but similarly not a lot of action, so happy to jump ship to anywhere that'll have me/us. Lets get it right

    BTW - love to have you posting here, we could do with some new blood methinks - what say?