Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sorting Out The Collection

And found a few i've yet to play,those being: Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 5, WALL.E, Wet.

FFXIII - well, it just keeps gettign put off until i finish whatever other RPG i'm working on at the time, currently that's the awesome Mass Effect 2.

Tekken 5 - Thanks to having the previous one downloaded to my drive it never gets a look, bought it as a uber deal with teh arcade stick.

WALL.E - my wonder little sis only gave this to me a couple of days a go.

Wet - Loved the demo and picked this up secondhand one day and totally forgot that i'd actually bought the damn thing.

What do you own that you haven't played? and why?


  1. That's a lot of titles tone, no wonder a few slipped the net. I tend to buy a lot less but play everything to death, I borrow titles and don't always hammer those in the same way. I'm only just playing Orange Box HL Ep2, never bothered with Team Fortress on there - so much else to hack through! PSN titles I sometimes buy on a whim and don't play much.

    You should bang a few of your titles into - give or take you'll get the same prices at Gamestation etc. - might make you a few quid.

  2. i've got 70 boxed titles. is that too much? :\

    works out at 1.5 titles a month since launch day.

    had a good laugh playing GTA:Lost and Damned again last night, the moped avenger rides again! i'd say a vast amount of my games are ex-rental/trade-in and if i'm in the shop and see something for a tenner or so that could be fun for the weekend i'll buy it. the price you get for trade backs makes it not worth it usually so i keep them, or sell them on to a mate.

  3. I've got a few titles which I haven't yet finished, some dating back to 07.

    Heavenly Sword & Prince of Persia

    Both titles I wasn't really grabbed by, but the GF quite enjoyed them so still reside in the collection.

    Siren: Blood Curse, Bioshock & Dead Space

    Really struggled to complete these due to being 18+ games & forever having kids around.
    All will definitely finished now said kids are sleeping properly.

    Mirror's Edge

    Really enjoyed everything about this game despite some ridiculously impossible jumps which eventually made me sideline it for new releases.

    God of War HD Collection (GoW I&II)

    Played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Dante's Inferno and GoW3 straight after each other, then couldn't face any more hackn'slash.
    I do love me some bloody Spartan murder though, so will be finished shortly.

    GTA IV/ Lost & Damned

    The sad truth is I don't think I really dig GTA games anymore :(

    Enslaved & Bioshock 2

    Bought only a couple of weeks back in the GAME sale, only to be sidelined in favour of Dead Space 2, LBP 2 & KZ3.
    Understandable really, sure to get me through the summer drought.

    The Shoot, Tme Crisis: Raising Storm

    I love MOVE... No really I do....

    Haven't checked the PSN titles, I'm sure there's a lot gone unfinished for similar reasons.

  4. @ Divine - just sold my Move on Ebay, thought i'd hang onto it until i got the KZ3 demo, and wasn't impressed at all. Just too much trouble having the dualshock in one hand and waving the move with the other.

    Mirror's Edge - sure it had a couple of weird jumps, but once i figured them out it was a blast. Getting the Leap of Faith trophy was tough though, that's the one where you have to finish the game without shooting anyone. a rarity these days :)

    GTA etc. - As a R* fan i'm more than a bit concerned at the direction this company is taking lately. In Red Dead the cracks were showing and now with LA Noir.. maybe someone should go explain to them that games are supposed to be fun. Going back to Lost and Damned over the weekend made me realise that it is pretty damn good.

  5. Nice thread!

    Move - The Shoot is great, Time Crisis is on my mental preowned want list, but yes Tone, no point with a first person shooter - if KZ didn't nail it, it won't get nailed. Move = fancy gun game toy.

    Mirrors Edge - loved it, completed it one time, sequel noise is 'not yet' so I recall - I'll be there when it comes.

    R* - yeah GTA IV was a bit same old shit, Lost and Damned was great and fun, I was bored after a few missions on Gay Tony. I like the look of LA Noire, too early with the hype machine at the minute. I'm sure R* will keep producing interesting titles, anyone feeling the LA Noire work as a precursor for the proper next gen GTA?

  6. Move, like a lightgun only seems to work with on-rail shooters. The Shoot is good, Time Crisis certainly has it's moments (much better in Co-Op) and for me, the best of the buch is Dead Space: Extraction. I'm using the official gun attachment and it's working really well.

    I have however tried M.A.G, Resi5, Heavy Rain & KZ3 all with Move & navigation controller (not DS3), and it didn't enhance the experience with any of them.