Friday, 4 February 2011

Killzone 3 multiplayer Open Beta - try before you buy

I had a riot with the KZ3 private beta, and now the public one is available in the Store for all to try - I suggest you all take it for a spin, especially if you are undecided on the purchase.

Differences between the private and open betas:
  • the framerate is up a touch, those hectic closeup moments feel more solid and fair
  • Only one map! Still, enough to get the flavour and have a lot of fun
  • Menus have been overhauled to a tasty red CRT look on black - I approve
  • The Helghast command voice is Ray Winstone - this rocks!
  • As one map, you don't get to try the Jetpacks or Exoskeletons as they are map specific
  • A really nasty bug appears, I kept falling into water for a suicide - despite being nowhere near water. Maybe it was just that session, but I don't want crap like that on the gold release.
I'm excited now, clan U3S is set up and waiting you you to join... message PSN MrJimmy if you want in...


  1. still not downloaded this, kind of wish it was a single player demo really. not sure if i'd be much use joining the clan as you can see from my old stats in the TSR i played it for about a week online, gave up, went off to play bot matches and LAN with a mate.

  2. I've never claimed to be the greatest player on earth, I like a teeny dash of strategy with my shooters, this does nicely. BTW the single player demo should now also be available for download, going to trigger that in a min...

  3. Ah correction, the multiplayer Open Beta is until 15 February 2011, then single player demo from 16th - see

  4. I haven't really spent much time in MP with FPS's since R:FoM, but I do have KZ3 on pre-order and I'm possibly up for some clan action (night shifts & kids permitting).
    Really hoping there's online co-op for the campaign.

    Just finished the Dead Space 2 & LBP2 SP's. Still got Dead Space: Extraction, Bioshock 2 & Enslaved to get through.
    inFAMOUS 2 & LA Noire incoming too... I'm seriously struggling for time :-)

  5. oooooooookaay, add me to the clan, not sure if/when i'll get the game though.

    will PM you on PSN next time i boot the old beast up.