Tuesday, 22 March 2011

3D Friday, So So Very Near.

This friday is the release date in the Uk of the Ninty 3DS, despite being a bit sexy i'm holding out on getting one until they get 3D video playback on the thing.

Talking of which, i've just got back from my in-store demo of the LG 42LX6900, and i have to say i was very very 725 pounds handed over worth of impressed. I had been looking into getting a 3DTV since that tech trade show around this time last year and a year on the prices have, as we all knew they would, been practically halved. good news for yours truely! The set is a 42" LED LCD and the picture looks better than my 22" Bravia, heresy! you cry. But to me, this was the moment that all those weeks reading bloody online reviews by muppets and haters, trawling A/V forums for a more tech view point and reading spec sheets came down to.

An A/V Expert From RicherSounds, Probably :)

I placed the grubby fingerprinted glasses over my eyeholes and expected to see a ghosted flickering image, thanks for the paranoia online reviewers! but what i saw was porn of the ocular kind, the image was bright, sharp, solid and had no ghosting, i felt like i could reach out and touch the picture. i felt relief and maybe that was actual real to goodness joy deep inside my black cynical heart?

Chatting with the bearded sales guy, why are all good A/V experts fond of facial hair? the other guy in the shop had a look of the bill bailey about him.. chatting, he gave me the low down about how best to run the set, turning off the tru-motion etc etc showing the various and many options, which he agreed were mostly pointless. it does 2D to 3D conversion, it has a gaming mode for minimal input lag, the screen has a response time of 2.2ms (my current set is 6ms+) it comes with wireless rechargeable active glasses which were very comfortable and the set is 1 1/4" thick.

just got to wait a couple of days for them to drop the set off. *waits*


  1. Methinks I should nip over to Norwich with beer and my copy of KZ3...

  2. so long as you don't mind a bit of 3D Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidggggee Raaaaaaaaaaaacccceeeeeeer as well :)

    got the patch for that a while back.

  3. note to self:

    Ideal picture settings
    Brightness 54/100
    Contrast 96/100
    Colour 60/100
    Picture profile Standard [User]
    Sharpness 60/100
    Backlight 60/100
    Other settings Tint: 0/R50-G50 Colour temp: 0/W50-C50 TruMotion: Off LED local dimming: On Dynamic contrast: Low Dynamic colour: Off Clear white: Off Skin colour: 0/±5 Noise reduction: Low Digital noise reduction: Medium Gamma: Medium Black level: Low Eye care: Low Real cinema: Off Colour gamut: Standard Energy saving: Off
    Games mode Yes

  4. Nice, when life is less hectic I'll plan it, be good to get non virtual.