Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Totally Off Topic

Rant about what you want below, get it off your chest.


  1. new 3DTV fund is on target, am aiming for a 42" or a 46", narrowed it down to a couple of models, will have to see what bargains i can hit on the day. surprised what i saved by not buying new games or going out down the pub achieved. damn i waste some money. heh.

  2. asking me to rant is not safe at the moment... after 2.5 years running a one man local marketing business, I've declared it unsavable and going through the wind up process. Also spent six months running a start up for an investor (vehicle cameras) and it's tough going. Little income, not enough free time, tired of staring at the tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Vent over.

    PS3 wise, when I CAN steal an hour, really enjoying KZ3 multiplayer. I play all careers but focus on Tactician, I love the way each career has a strategic approach on each map, mid game you can change career and make a difference, sort of supporting your own actions. Going to get into squads more to try and actually work as a team.

  3. Ok - bloody earthquake. No water for 10 days, no power for 14 days. Having to travel halfway across Christchurch to work, renting films and games to people all day long only to return home to sit in the dark. Making coffee with a camping stove that takes 15 minutes to boil water. Crapping in a plastic bag. Getting games and films for my birthday (3 days after the quake) that simply had to sit there looking pretty. The mall where the wife had reserved all my presses falling to bits. 300,000 tonnes of liquefaction. The city I have come to love being decimated...

    On the bright side we're still alive, still have a home and still have jobs. Things are starting to look up, and I count my blessings.

  4. I feel a lot better for getting that off my chest. Cheers for the opportunity tone.

  5. I was thinking about you El Stefio, we heard about it here and one of the companies I work with are in the centre of Christchurch, they took a week to respond to us - they are thankfully all ok too.

    So life without gadgets is not a welcome relief at all eh, thought as much ;)

  6. @ el Stefio - sounds like a holiday i took in Spain once.. how are the looting possibilities? glad you're safe though and i hope they get things over there sorted out, my brothers wifes family are all from that part of the world, the footage on tv looks pretty dire :(

    @ Jimmy - sucks. i've been humping this corpse of a company for the last few years, but manage to scrap by every year, not sure this coming financial year will be so kind as we lost the British Sugar contract, got work for HMRC that's just about tiding things over but unless theres new clients i'll be off to the doleheap pretty soon.

    been through worse though, at least i won't lose my house and missus this time over.

    oh, and i got diagnosed with cellulitis eating away at my leg yesterday. fingers crossed the drugs kill the bloody virus off, sub-dermal necrosis would not be a good look :)

  7. eek sounds nasty, I don't like unwell

  8. @tone - get well soon mate
    @jimmy sorry to hear about your company dude.
    @el steffo - earthquake! glad you're safe.
    blimey makes my current difficulty of looking after a sick child (chick pox) and sick wife (flu) seem like a walk in the park!

    Good video by the way. I found a dubstep remix (well isn't that what the cool kids are listening to these days?! :))

  9. I really like dubstep, but that was just weird!

  10. dubwhatnow? :D what's the one where the kids do that weird riverdance leg flailing thing?

    mmmm 7grm rocks those were some good days *chuckles*
    ps: never ever ever ever bang up crack.

  11. That's not how you roll is it Tone?

  12. @ reakt - those days are long gone. been 'clean' for nearly 10yrs

  13. nah, SRSLY! these oiks have been invading some of my cycling spots...

    JUMPSTYLE! i used to dance like that to SKA back in the 80's :)

    just makes me think of this:


    the world is conspiring to stop me getting a new TV. Richer Sounds are out of stock of the other set i wanted. FYI Bennetts were the main sponsors of that tech trade show i liked going to.

    *uncaps bottle of Lambrini*