Saturday, 5 March 2011

Time to brush off Dead Nation

Some very cheery news on the undead, as posted on the Dead NationFacebook page:

Voice Chat and More New Features - Monday, March 7th.

The news is out - the patch provides players worldwide with not only online Co-op Voice Chat, but also Checkpoint saves, the ability to copy saves, and some further surprises for all the Dead Nation players out there!

For those that don't know Dead Nation, it's a truly superb PSN title, it has Robotron mechanics, superb lighting effects (if Resident Evil/Silent Hill rendered lighting this well you'd actually soil your pants) - the two big problems were the hour between save points (due to some strange desire to protect the level multiplier) and the lack of voice chat in the online co-op mode... and they've just gone and patched both issues to oblivion. Score!

Reakt - this is what we were waiting for, you ready to put a night aside to send the wife off to the little TV so we can do this thing?


  1. Great news, I'm wondering what the 'further surprises' are?

  2. The Voice Chat patch is live!

    The new features include:
    * Online co-op voice chat
    * Checkpoint save
    * Brightness calibration screen
    * Jack and Scarlett now have their own laser sight colors
    * You can now also buy a laser sight for your SMG, Shotgun, or Blade Cannon
    * Detailed statistics menu
    * Bullets can no longer hit cars beyond the screen
    * Game saves can now be copied

  3. :)
    Just seen this. Will have to charge my controller and bluetooth headset. Thursday any good?

  4. should be, have to consult the missus, shall we say 9pm kickoff?