Saturday, 26 March 2011

It Must Be Summer - Aussie F1 Qualifying

Sitting here at daft o'clock watching the qualifying, Lotus bombed out, ugh! But hey watching F1 is like playing GT5 no? As you probably know i got my 42" 3D LG yesterday and am really chuffed with it, that size seems to be the perfect size for my room set-up. The picture when you give it an HD feed just excels. very impressed. Took me a while of fiddling to suss out all the settings and program in some picture modes.

Good points about TV, beautiful picture quality, no sign of input lag, pretty good sound from 'invisible' speakers, the boot up light on the face panel (am easily pleased) and it's tiny thin! about 30mm, handles 3D wonderfully.

Bad points, no headphone socket, doesn't do 2D to 3D conversion despite being told it did. you can run side by side etc 3D video files off a flash drive though, downloaded a few to test it last night. can load 3d photos that way too.

Gaming: OK, i tried KZ3 and it does look good running in 3D despite some middle ground ghosting which is down to the game not the TV, but after a bit you don't notice it much, i was looking for niggles while playing the demo. The gun looks nice and solid and feels right when you sight aim, the hud sits on what would be the front of the screen and teh action takes place 'in' the screen mostly.

GT5: Still fiddling with the settings but i think i have depth set to 6 and convergence at .17 or something, The in-car view looks right and it felt like a could reach out and adjust the air vents in the dash :) some ghosting on gloves. bumper cam with the analogue dials is impressive as the dials seem to float, bonnet/roof cam, the one i use a lot thanks to standard cars shows off the depth on the track, noticed some ghosting on the white track lines at times, nothing to worry about.

Motorstorm 3D demos: tried these out earlier in the day, the TV handled all the fast motion a treat, just gave the whole thing a more solid feeling, dirt and stuff comes out of the screen behind your vehicle, nice.

Movies: only tried it with Piranha so far, will be renting a couple out later today, good clean picture and 3d effect, nothing to quibble about.

giving Ridge Racer 7 a go later as that got a 3D patch some time back.

PS3 3D set up is as easy as checking automatic in the display options and setting your screen size. not sure how telling it your screen is bigger or smaller than it actually is will effect 3D, may fiddle with that later too. Ghosting only seems to show it's head when you get areas of white near a dark colour but this is due to the tech rather than anything else and is pretty much unavoidable.

Dont forget to adjust your clock tomorrow.


  1. update: poking the PS3 with a stick. been testing Ridge Racer 7 (3D patch) and despite being 4yrs old still looks and plays great. noticeable ghosting. BUT, after messing with the 'tv size' in settings/display i can only conclude this option actually effects the parallax (depth) and after setting it to 84" practically all the previous edge ghost vanished. will have to retest other games, tough but someone has to do it :)

    2160P rated HDMI cable has just turned up too. *goes back to fiddling with new toy*

  2. been reading the manual, my old Virtual FX 2D - 3D converter box may work with the TV. worth a try anyways.

  3. Kinda feeling like I want to experience some 3D goodness in the comfort of my living room too.

  4. sounds like your having mucho fun Tone. I retried KZ3 with Move today and think I judged a little quickly before, it's actually pretty damn good. Looking for a sharpshooter bargain now...

  5. @ Jimmy - my Move went on ebay a few weeks back, invested money in the tv fund. kind of nearly shit meself when i paid for it though, felt like a lot of cash at once, damn, i could have got a motor with that :)

    very nearly got the screen set up to just so, a lot of options on this set once you crack open the engineers setting menu. loves an hd input, that 2160p hdmi 1.4 cable looks the business too.

    now watching panda pr0n on bbc hd.