Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Wonderful World?

What would be the video game/character of your life.. mine they got pretty much spot on with Lost and Damned (even down to the junkie girlfiend and the crap merch' websites) before i went straight. you can only watch so many of your mates die before it's time to get out, but i look at the gang tat' on my arm, and i will never forget. East Dulwich Angels, Road Rats, Satans Slaves... was good riding with you guys. i can still wield a mean spanner ;)


  1. Hmmm, dunno. Leisure Suit Larry?
    I guess realistically it would be Bozo's Big Night Out (C64), primarily because throughout the 90's I was perpetually shitfaced.

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  3. wrong - try again.

    I was the Paradroid (Spectrum, Amiga) as I often found myself in sterile rooms doing weird puzzles, getting by on a combo of logic and blind luck. Yep I completed Paradroid despite being from the days before game saves, one of the proudest moments of my Computing Science degree.

    Nowadays I'm more Gordon Freeman - pasty-faced action scientist who owns a crowbar. Still in the shit.

  4. waaaaaaaay back in time i dyed my hair green to celebrate Lemmings on my Amiga. wash in - wash out dye my arse, it was in for weeks :)

    let's go!

    heh, i also had a job making scale flying aircraft then too.

    bloody hell, they're still going. fly my prettys fly!

    *goes back to GT5 b-spec*