Sunday, 20 March 2011

This Is Hardcore

Now, yesterday i began playing Homefront, half an hour later i got fed up, reset my audio options and restarted playing Homefront, seems it has problems trying to do 5.1 over optical so i switched to HDMI output. hrmm. All better now.

Homefront has been getting pretty average reviews and i think i know why, it's because people generally don't like being on the loosing side and not being able to run around with infinite ammo and soak up bullets like a sponge and people don't like getting butt raped so quickly after starting a level.

This game is balls tough! even on normal mode it'll only take a few hits before you're staring at the greying death screen wondering WTF! On one section i walked out of a building to get nuked by an RPG even before i had time to refocus my eyes. second time out i sprinted to the nearest tree to hide behind then took the enemy down with a well placed round to the head.

This game is about death, dieing, suffering, mental anguish, the utter utter nasty side of war, and so it should, war is not fun, war is not a laugh with your mates, war is a mother and baby screaming and crying while you fire shots from their front room window while all hell is breaking loose. seriously i shouted 'shut the fuck up' at the tv at that point, it was horrible!

After another section, which i stupidly though i was winning, i got carpet bombed, i came round in my safehouse and for the next 10 minutes i sat there looking out of the window while having a smoke, and somewhere in the building a small child sang london bridge is falling down over and over and over...

It is not going to win any feel good games of the year awards. If you hate getting your arse handed to you you won't like it, if you like a challenge, if you like overwhelming odds, limited ammo, human suffering, then go and have a go if you think you're hard enough, just don't blame me when you're curled up in the middle of the front room crying to make it all stop :)


  1. update: story lasted 7hrs, didn't conclude anything and left it wide open for a sequel. glad i only rented it as i have no interest in multiplayer.

  2. I don't think I'm gonna bother with this, I'm not a huge FPS fan at the best of times.
    I have to chill with the new releases anyhow. I wasn't going to buy anything between KZ3 & inFAMOUS, but then I saw the Sly & PoP HD trilogies for £20...

  3. how is the Sly Tril'? i was very tempted as BB had it in for £22.

    like you i'm not that fussed over FPSers but after the hype i thought Homefront may have been different and worthy of my time. it had a few good moments and the chopper attack on the golden gate bridge amused me by not being what i expected.

    Another fine example of devs being more bothered over multiplayer than giving us gamers a decent story mode to get our teeth into. probably going to rent more games in the future if this is anything to go by.

  4. Useful heads up on Homefront tone, cheers. Rainy day rental for me too - I feel a posting topic coming on...

  5. @Tone
    Gonna spend a few hours on the HD Classics as soon as I get my next break from work so will post up some thoughts, they certainly look pretty enough from what I've seen.
    I really like these PS2 updates actually. I was thoroughly enjoying the GoW Collection last year before YLoD ate my gamesaves.

  6. further update: i have a FPSer nut of a mate 'Serial_killer' so i lent him the disc, horrified to see it only took him around 4hrs to finish the game on 'normal'

    i am obviously pants at shooters.