Friday, 11 March 2011

MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo Analysis

Taking more than a pinch of inspiration from Split/Second this MS:A demo has me hooked on the series again after the rather dubious MS:PR and it's horrible horrible leafy foliage tracks.. With any luck i'll be getting a copy to test out my new 3DTV *fingers crossed* as from early reports the 3D effects in this game really pop!


  1. i couldnt possibly comment on the multiplayer being good fun, how would i know

  2. *puts mr Jimmy's NDA in the shredder*

    spill the beans you! :)

    i like the fact they've 'fixed' the controls now so they have attack on the face buttons instead of the top shoulders, feels much better.

  3. I was disappointed by the last game what a let-down after such an awesome trailer for it! This does look better though.

  4. @ reakt - the last one did have some good tracks, mostly the fire and air ones, and that beach one with the shark sculpture was probably my favorite, but it was the earth tracks that really bugged me a lot of the time and involved joypad throwing strops as i hit another damn tree... but this looks much much better.